Sustainable Bottle Sealing Wax

This special blend of bottle sealing wax will be made entirely from sustainable materials. Currently in the development stages.

Product Specification

Work began on the sustainable bottle sealing wax blend back in 2021. The evolvement was slow to begin with, and at times we’d even questioned whether it was going to be possible or not. Thankfully, with some perseverance and the help from a few external companies, great progress has been made.

Initially, we wanted to have this special blend of wax commercially available for the launch of the website. However, this development has proven to be a monumental challenge.

The last stage of this challenge is trying to mimic the properties of the current wax blends. We’re going to keep an eye out for evolving technologies and continue to collaborate and develop this project right through to the end.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the sustainable bottle sealing wax blend, please feel free to ask.