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Our wax is easy to use and produces a reliable good quality finish. There's very little can go wrong but here's some advice to help you get the best results.

Colour Matching

Looking for the perfect colour of bottle sealing wax to match your brand, label or packaging? Over the years, our team has matched hundreds of colours for some of the world’s most recognised drink brands including Macallan, Aberlour and Sipsmith Gin.


Bottle sealing wax repairs and seal replacements

Sealing a bottle with wax is a great and lasting way to preserve the product. however, after decades in circulation and countless runs in transit, it’s understandable that some wax dips may be damaged.

Traditional Sealing Wax

Traditional sealing wax adheres extremely well to most materials. Sealing a bottle with this wax will create an airtight, tamper evident seal which is stable for long periods of time.

Sealing Wax Sticks

Elevate your wedding invitations, stationary, envelopes or any other craft project with the use of a classic wax seal.

Sustainable Bottle Sealing Wax

This special blend of bottle sealing wax will be made entirely from sustainable materials. Currently in the development stages.

Who we are

What we do

We supply bottle sealing wax to spirit brands around the world and have clients across the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Our wax’s are tested and proven in both hot and cold conditions.