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Who We Are

Whether you’re dipping bottles or applying a brand enhancing seal to your packaging we have a range of waxes to suit your specific requirements.

Our Story

My family represents three generations of working with wax; by this point it runs in our blood. My Grandad was a candle/mould maker with a factory in Newbridge. This is where my father, Ian, worked for years in his early life, picking up a vast wealth of experience with wax-related products along the way. After falling ill in the late 80s, Roderick decided to hang up the wicks for good and retire.

Oakbank Products inception

In the early 90s, Ian bought a big shed in an area of Livingston called Oakbank and started Oakbank products. In those first days, Ian put his candle making knowledge to good use. However, later on, he noticed a gap in the market for sealing wax. Already having a love for whisky, it seemed like the perfect marriage. In no time Ian would be traveling to distilleries and bottling halls up and down the Uk to seal rare limited edition bottles. Or sometimes even training the staff at these facilities on how to do it. Being an amiable young man with a passion, he built a bit of rep as ‘the wax guy’ and enquiries for his services became more and more frequent.

1997 saw the first release of a long-lasting series from Aberlour, The A’bunadh. This project spearheaded a change in focus for Ian towards bottle sealing wax. Over the next decade, he had the pleasure of working on some of the most recognisable brands and prestigious projects to date. He produced seals for the likes of the Macallan’s Fine Oak and Easter Elchies range, as well as the Glenfiddich 40/50 year. He also produced sealing wax for popular ranges from Aberlour, Brugal and Sipsmith Gin.


After Ian’s untimely passing in 2014, I’d continue working at my father’s original company for the next 8 years. Once I realized working there was no longer conducive to myself or the clients I left.
I decided to walk away from the company – a company I’d been so closely tied to my whole life, that I’d poured so much of myself into and helped build, with nothing other than the freedom to start again with my own spin on things. That’s why I started Oakbank Wax.

About Us

A new company with an old heritage


I love the work, the distilleries I visit and the people I meet along the way. I even enjoy the smell of the melting wax; I find it nostalgic. Over the last decade I’ve gained a wealth of experience. Not only with the product but also with the clients, who range from small craft businesses to global drinks powerhouses.

A fresh start 

After leaving my father’s original company due to negative team dynamics, I wasn’t ready to give up the work; I saw it as an opportunity to start again and put my spin on things. Our mission statement, which stays true to the pillars on which Ian founded Oakbank Products – To provide only the highest quality product and build lasting relationships with our clients. Achieved through exceptional service and attentive, friendly support.

Since Oakbank Wax’s inception, we’ve tried to make decisions with the clients in mind. We provide:

  • The highest quality bottle sealing wax, available in tailored blends and multiple finishes, including metallic, pearlescent, matte, gloss and opaque
  • A wide range of stock colours that we produce with the end user in mind. We create light and bright floral tones for gin brands and dark rich shades that are generally more suited to whiskey bottles
  • Quick turnaround times with a professional and flexible approach to business
  • Advice and support for all things related to bottle sealing wax
Green Pearlescent
Mint Green Pearlescent
Emerald Green Pearlescent
Sage Green Pearlescent
Forest Green Pearlescent
Dark Green Pearlescent
Teal Pearlescent
Blue Lagoon Pearlescent
turquoise Pearlescent
Glacial Blue Pearlescent
Cyan Blue Pearlescent
Arctic Blue Pearlescent
Sky blue Pearlescent
Steel Blue Pearlescent
Azure Blue Pearlescent
Blue Pearlescent
Dark Blue Pearlescent
Navy Blue Pearlescent
Midnight Blue Pearlescent
Indigo Pearlescent
Royal Purple Pearlescent
Lavender Pearlescent
Lilac Pearlescent
Pink Rosé Pearlescent
Bubble Gum pink Pearlescent
Shocking Pink Pearlescent
Rhubarb Pearlescent
Orchid Pearlescent
violet Pearlescent
Plumb Pearlescent
Burgundy Pearlescent
Mulled Wine Pearlescent
Cherry Red Pearlescent
Dark Red Pearlescent
Red Pearlescent
Bright Red Pearlescent
Orange Pearlescent
Bright Orange Pearlescent
Tangerine Pearlescent
Peach Pearlescent
Tuscany Yellow Pearlescent
Sunset Yellow Pearlescent
Yellow Pearlescent
Mellow Yellow Pearlescent
Ruby Red Pearlescent
Cream Pearlescent
Sandstone Pearlescent
Stone Pearlescent
Ivory Pearlescent
white Pearlescent
Cloudy Grey Pearlescent
Pewter grey Pearlescent
Slate Grey Pearlescent
Smokey Black Pearlescent
Black Pearlescent
Espresso brown Pearlescent
Brown Pearlescent
Milk Chocolate Brown Pearlescent
Rose Gold Metallic
Pale Copper Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Copper Metallic
Old Gold Metallic
Gold Metallic
Champagne Gold Metallic
Heirloom Silver Metallic
Silver Metallic
Carbon Metallic
Who we are

What we do

We supply bottle sealing wax to spirit brands around the world and have clients across the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Our wax’s are tested and proven in both hot and cold conditions.